Online Multi-column generator tool

Online Multi-column generator tool – create clustered vertical bar chart with user-defined colors online.

Multi-column chart generator

Online Multi-column chart generator device, Multi-column graph plots the clustered inter-associated data with vertical bars. Enter the clustered express information with cluster label, then set shade code for each line object and replace the chart. The device will vehicle compute the period and height of the clustered vertical bars and plot them in a graph.

Additionally, a person can regulate chart identification, legend description, chart history coloration, font type, font length, and font shade to make the chart more informative. Sooner or later preview the multi-column chart and download it as a photograph. Online Multi-column generator tool

Is it a free device?

Yes, the Multi-column chart maker tool is absolutely loose to apply without any regulations. No signup, No login, and no obstacle. You may create any wide variety of multiple-column charts effortlessly with this tool and it is powered by using exquisite google charts

Create Clustered Vertical Bar Chart Online – Free Multi-Column Chart Generator


The Online Multi-Column Chart Generator is a powerful and intuitive tool that enables you to easily create visually appealing clustered vertical bar charts. Multi-column charts are an efficient way to represent correlated data sets with clustered bars, making it easy to compare values within and between clusters. With this tool, you can input your data, define custom colors for each column, and produce a professional looking cluster bar chart. Whether you’re a data analyst, teacher, or business professional, this tool provides a simple yet effective way to create informational visualizations.

key features:

1. Clustered Data Input: Enter your clustered data with cluster labels, and assign different colors to each column within the cluster.

2. Custom Color Coding: Choose specific colors for each column to enhance differentiation and visual impact.

3. Chart Customization: Adjust the chart title, legend description, background color, font settings, and more to create informative and engaging charts.

4. Auto Calculation: The tool automatically calculates the length and height of the clustered vertical bars based on your input data.

5. Preview & Download: See a preview of your multi-column chart before downloading it as an image file.

6. User-friendly Interface: The user-friendly interface of the tool ensures that users of all skill levels can create impressive multi-column charts.

7. Powered by Google Charts: Uses the advanced capabilities of Google Charts to ensure accurate and high-quality chart rendering.

How to create a multi-column chart:

1. Enter clustered data: Input your clustered data points with the corresponding cluster labels.

2. Specify Color: Set custom color for each column within the cluster for easy differentiation.

3. Customize the chart: Modify the chart title, legend description, font settings, and background color to align with your visualization goals.

4. Preview and download: Review the preview of your multi-column chart, and if satisfied, download it as an image file.

It’s Free?

Of course, Online Multi-Column Chart Generator is completely free to use. There’s no sign-up or login required, and no limit on the number of multi-column charts you can create. This tool is powered by the exceptional capabilities of Google Charts, ensuring reliable and high-quality chart creation.


Online Multi-Column Chart Generator provides an efficient and user-friendly way of creating clustered vertical bar charts. With customizable colors, font options, and chart settings, you can create informative and engaging visualizations to effectively express your data. Whether for business reports, academic presentations, or personal projects, this tool is an excellent resource for creating attractive multi-column charts. Experience the power of Online Multi-Column Chart Generator today and easily transform your data into impressive visuals!

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