Online Donut chart generator tool

Online Donut chart generator tool – Input chart parameters, set donut segment color, and generate donut chart.

Donut chart generator

Loose online tool to make a donut chart the use of personal inputs and downloading as an image. The donut chart is a version of a pie chart, however hollow in the middle. Add the statistical records one at a time inside the device and the tool will auto-calculate the donut share and plot chart thus. Users have the choice to specify every man or woman donut percentage shade to make the chart greater attractive.

Legend title, alignment, heritage color, font kind, font coloration, and font length additionally changed based on the requirement. Ultimately preview the Donut chart and download it as a photo. Online Donut chart generator tool

Is it an unfastened device?

Yes, the donut chart maker device is completely unfastened to use without any restrictions. No signup, No login, and no hassle. You could create any wide variety of donut charts effortlessly with this tool and it is powered with the aid of extremely good google charts

Create Custom Donut Charts Online – Free and Easy to Use Donut Chart Generator


The Online Donut Chart Generator is a versatile and user-friendly tool that enables you to easily create dynamic donut charts based on your inputs. A donut chart is an attractive form of pie chart, with a hollow center that adds an extra layer of visual appeal. With this tool, you can tailor your donut chart to your preferences, customize section colors, and enhance its aesthetics. Whether you’re a professional data analyst or someone looking to communicate information visually, this tool provides an intuitive way to create eye-catching donut charts.

key features:

1. Personalized Data Input: Enter your data points individually into the tool, which will automatically calculate donut segment sizes and create charts.

2. Segment Color Customization: Customize the color of each donut segment to create visually appealing and engaging charts.

3. Legend Title and Styling: Modify the legend title, alignment, background color, font type, font color, and font size to match your design needs.

4. Background Color: Set the background color of the chart to create a cohesive visual presentation.

5. Preview & Download: See a preview of your customized donut chart before downloading it as an image file.

6. User-friendly interface: The straightforward interface of the tool makes it easy for users of all levels of expertise to create charts with ease.

7. Powered by Google Charts: This tool harnesses the powerful capabilities of Google Charts, ensuring high-quality and accurate representation.

How to make donut chart:

1. Enter the data: Input your data points individually into the tool to create the segments of the donut chart.

2. Customize Colors: Optionally, specify a color for each donut segment to make your chart look attractive.

3. Legend Styling: Adjust the legend title, alignment, font settings, and background color to match your preferences.

4. Background Color: Set background color of chart canvas for better look.

5. Preview and Download: Preview your customized donut chart, and once satisfied, download it as an image file.

It’s Free?

Yes, Online Donut Chart Generator is completely free to use, no sign-up or login required. You can create as many donut charts as you want, and the tool is equipped with the powerful capabilities of Google Charts to ensure accuracy and quality.


Whether you’re creating visualizations for reports, presentations, or simply exploring data, the Online Donut Chart Generator provides an intuitive and attractive solution. With customizable segment colors, legend styling, and other design options, you can craft your donut chart to effectively convey information and captivate your audience. Try the online Donut Chart Generator today and easily transform your data into eye-catching visuals!

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