Unlimited Zip Extractor: Free & Unlimited Online Zip File Extraction

Experience the power of our Unlimited Zip Extractor that allows you to easily extract Zip files online. This free tool offers unlimited usage, so you can extract ZIP files as many times as you want.

The fast and efficient extraction process

Our Zip Extractor boasts of a powerful extraction process, which ensures fast and efficient extraction of your selected Zip files. Say goodbye to long waiting times and enjoy quick extraction of your files.

secure and private

We prioritize your privacy and security. Rest assured that all files uploaded to our servers are automatically and permanently deleted after 2 hours. Your data remains private and protected.

Save all your extracted files

With our user-friendly tools, extracting files from the Zip archive is easy. Simply select the zip file you want to extract, and effortlessly save your files. Our intuitive interface allows for easy navigation and a seamless extraction process.

designed for simplicity

No advanced technical knowledge is required to use our zip extractor. Designed with simplicity in mind, extracting ZIP files becomes hassle-free. One can easily extract Zip files without any complications.

powerful and accessible

Our zip extractor can be accessed online through any internet browser on any operating system. Experience the power of our tools from the convenience of your favorite device.

how to extract zip files online

Follow these simple steps to extract your zip files using our online zip extractor:

  1. Select the zip file you want to extract.
  2. View the file name, size, and save button.
  3. Click on the save button to save the individual files.
  4. Save all the files at once by clicking the “Save All” button.

With our Zip Extractor tool, extracting Zip files online has never been easier. Simply choose your ZIP file and leave the rest to our tools. Extracting ZIP files is now a straightforward and intuitive process with our online ZIP extractor.

Discover the Best Online Zip Extractor

Experience the convenience of extracting zip files effortlessly with our top-notch online zip extractor. Extract Zip files effortlessly using our user-friendly tools. Simply select your zip file, and our zip extractor will automatically unzip the files, presenting you with a Save button for each individual file. You can also see the file size and name with the Save button. Save all your files at once by clicking the “Save All” button. No need to save each file separately. Unzip multiple zip files easily using our zip extractor tool. Start extracting ZIP files online today. Online ZIP File Extractor

how to use the zip extractor tool

Follow these simple steps to get the most out of our ZIP extractor tool:

  1. Select the zip file using the zip extractor tool.
  2. Review file details including file name, size and save button.
  3. Save files separately using the extractor.
  4. Save all files and folders with Zip Extractor Tool.
  5. Experience effortless Zip file extraction with our efficient Zip Extractor tool. Select your zip file, preview file details, save files individually, and save all files and folders seamlessly.


How do I save all files & folders into a folder?

Some browsers allow the saving of multiple files & folders in a single folder selected by you. If you want to extract ZIP files as well as keep the existing folder structure. Follow the steps below:

    1. First of all, select the ZIP file that you want to extract.

    1. Now, click on “SAVE ALL” after selecting ZIP on this tool. If the button display is disabled, it means your browser does not support these features or it is not enabled.

    1. Select an empty folder where you want to extract the ZIP file. (Note: If you have already files with the same name, BIGZIP will replace them.)
    2. After selecting the folder, the browser will ask for permission to access it. Now, click on “View files” followed by “Save changes”.

  1. Finally, all the files & folders will be saved into your specified folder.

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