Favicon Generator | Generate Favicon Online

Favicon Generator | Generate Favicon Online

Customize the favicon text, colors, font, and corners. Generate the favicon images in all the required sizes. Get the favicon HTML code for all browsers and platforms.


A way to generate the favicon from textual content?

  1. Set 1 or 2 characters inside the text field.
  2. Select a font from the curated list, or upload a font from Google Fonts.
  3. Customize the favicon colors with the history and textual content color fields. Adjust its rounded corners with the slider.
  4. Click the Generate Favicon button to download the favicon package.

The way to generate the favicon from a photograph?

  1. Click on the Browse… Button to pick out the photo.
  2. Crop the image to a rectangular thing ratio if required (advocated).
  3. Customize the background and the rounded corners of the favicon.
  4. Click on the Generate Favicon button to download the favicon package deal.

How to install the favicon?

To install the favicon, extract the downloaded files into the foundation listing of the website and replica the generated HTML snippet into the <head> phase of the code. Favicon Generator | Generate Favicon Online

 Favicon Generator Online – Create Custom Favicon Easily


A favicon is a small but essential element of your website’s branding and user experience. With the Favicon Generator online tool, you can easily create a customized favicon that reflects your brand identity. Whether you prefer textual or image-based favicons, the tool provides a user-friendly interface for generating favicon images in various sizes, along with the associated HTML code for seamless integration. This guide will walk you through the steps to create and set up a favicon using a favicon generator online.

How to generate favicon from text content:

1. Enter text: Start by entering 1 or 2 characters in the text field. This text will be used to create the favicon.

2. Choose font: Choose a font from the curated list provided, or upload your own font from Google Fonts to customize the appearance of the favicon.

3. Customize Colors: Customize the favicon colors to your liking using the Background and Text Color fields. You can also adjust the rounded corners using the slider.

4. Generate Favicon: Click the “Generate Favicon” button to start the favicon creation process.

5. Download the favicon package: Once generated, you can download the complete favicon package, which includes the favicon images in various sizes and the required HTML code.

How to generate favicon from an image:

1. Upload Image: Click the “Browse…” button to upload the image you want to create the favicon from.

2. Crop the image (optional): If necessary, crop the image to a rectangular aspect ratio to ensure optimal favicon visibility (recommended).

3. Customize Appearance: Personalize the background and rounded corners of the favicon according to your design preferences.

4. Generate Favicon: Click the “Generate Favicon” button to generate the favicon image and associated HTML code.

How to install favicon:

1. Extract and copy the files: Extract the downloaded favicon package and copy the files to the root directory of your website.

2. Add HTML snippet: Paste the generated HTML snippet in the <head> section of your website’s code. This snippet ensures proper favicon display across browsers and platforms.


Favicon Generator Online empowers you to create unique and attractive favicon for your website. Whether you choose to generate a favicon from text or an image, this tool streamlines the process and provides you with favicon images in a variety of sizes. By following simple installation steps, you can seamlessly integrate the generated favicon into your website, enhancing its branding and visual appeal. Amplify your website’s identity with a personalized favicon using the Favicon Generator online today!

Favicon Generator | Generate Favicon Online

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