Online Donut chart generator tool

Online Donut chart generator tool – Input chart parameters, set donut segment color, and generate donut chart.

Donut chart generator

Loose online tool to make a donut chart the use of personal inputs and downloading as an image. The donut chart is a version of a pie chart, however hollow in the middle. Add the statistical records one at a time inside the device and the tool will auto-calculate the donut share and plot chart thus. Users have the choice to specify every man or woman donut percentage shade to make the chart greater attractive.

Legend title, alignment, heritage color, font kind, font coloration, and font length additionally changed based on the requirement. Ultimately preview the Donut chart and download it as a photo. Online Donut chart generator tool

Is it an unfastened device?

Yes, the donut chart maker device is completely unfastened to use without any restrictions. No signup, No login, and no hassle. You could create any wide variety of donut charts effortlessly with this tool and it is powered with the aid of extremely good google charts

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